Work Resolve Mediation
Peer Reviews


“Antone Melton-Meaux is a phenomenal mediator. He is astute, skillful, compassionate, and fair. He listens to both sides carefully, grasps complex legal concepts easily, and brings a creative approach to conflict resolution. Integrity, professionalism, and respect are hallmarks of his practice.”



“Mr. Melton-Meaux is an exceptional mediator. He combines his vast experience in employment law with a holistic approach to problem-solving for a very effective blend of knowledge and consensus-building. He’s a go-to mediator in the Twin Cities market.”



“Antone is a fantastic lawyer, a critical thinker, and a hard worker. But what really sets him apart from his peers are his people skills. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people and make them feel heard. This is an essential characteristic in a mediator, and it’s incredibly important as he works with parties to help them find common ground. I would trust Antone with the most complex and difficult cases, as well as those involving the most difficult personalities and perspectives.”



“Antone is one of my top choices for employment mediators. His prior experience in private practice and as in-house counsel gives him a strong substantive background, and he does a great job connecting with my clients during the mediation process. Antone remains calm and even-keeled during tense negotiations, which helps parties stay focused on reaching a resolution of claims.”



“Antone has facilitated numerous resolutions for our cases at mediation in a variety of complex employment law disputes. Antone is an expert in employment law matters and has a clear command of important issues facing both the employee and employer. Our firm has been very impressed with Antone’s ability to efficiently find common ground between the parties on acceptable settlement terms. Our clients have expressed that Antone was trustworthy and empathetic during the mediation process.”